Mahzen Grill Resturant

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CHEESE PLATTER _Four kinds aged cheeses $12.00

SMOKED SALMON ROLL -Goat cheese wrapped w/smoked salmon $11.00

STUFFED GRAPE LEAVES-Stuffed w/rice,pine nuts,currant and herbs $6.50

HUMMUS- Mashed garbanzo beans w/tahini and garlic $5.50

MERCIMEK KOFTE -Mashed lentil w/ onions and fresh herbs $6.00

EZME(TOMATO DIP) -Chopped tomato and shallots parsley, touch of garlic $5.50

SOSLU PATLICAN -Fried cubes of eggplant and green peppers w/tomato ,garlic sauce $6.50

SMOKED ROASTED EGGPLANT SALAD-Mashed grilled eggplant w/roasted pepper,parsley and touch of garlic $6.00

CACIK-Chilled yogurt w/shredded cucumber,dill,mint and touch of garlic $6.00

COLD APPETIZER PLATTER Hummus,mercimek kofte,ezme, eggplant, grape leaves) $11.00


SIGARA BOREGI -filo dough stuffed w/ feta cheese $6.50

ZUCCHINI PANCAKES w/dill,parsley,feta cheese,flour,eggs and fresh herbs. $7.00

FRIED CALAMARI -Crispy calamari served w/tarator sauce $10.00

MAHZEN OCTOPUS -Marinated grilled octopus w/arugula tomato, red onions $12.00

CALFS LIVER -Pan fried liver served w/onion and parsley $7.50

SPINACH ARTICHOKES CHEESE DIPPING with pita bread chips $9.50

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